Business, meets creative.  Creative, meets Business


The Gray Box Group,  is a boutique fashion and creative brand agency specializing in business development for emerging designers and creative businesses.  Our services range from Consulting to Product & Interior Design.  By catering to the individual needs of our clients, our goal is to “Shape Your Business Lifestyle.” Through areas such as financial management, line merchandising and distribution strategy and product development, we help you create a strong foundation for optimal business growth and brand success.



Specialized Business Development for Designers and Creative Companies


  • Financial Planning & Bookkeeping Maintenance

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning

  • Line Merchandising & Distribution Strategy

  • Product Development

  • Marketing

  • Retail Buying

  • Creative Styling



Boutique Design Services for Interior Spaces.  Brand Design Services for Jewelry & Accessories


Interior Spaces

    Commercial Design Services for Designer Brands & Creative Companies

Offices, Showrooms, Trade Show Booths, Retail Spaces, Events

  • Interior Design

  • Custom Designed Fixtures & Decor

  • Interior Styling


Personally Designed Spaces for Individuals

    Residential Interiors

  • Interior Design

  • Space Planning

  • Custom Designed Furniture & Decor

  • Home Staging


Jewelry Design

Accessory Design